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ATTENTION: Bidders, ALL Plan Holders - Prime & Sub Prime Contractors

Plans & Specs will be available to download (free) from the section on the left once they are fully approved.

Bid date is June 12, 2019 at 1pm.

TO BE ELIGIBLE TO BID AND IF YOU INTEND TO BID: you will need to purchase the Bid Proposal Package from us – see the Ad for Bid. The Bid Proposal Package is NOT available online.

We have two (2) PHL available.
TEMP PHL = available on eGram each day as the information changes. These are the subcontractors that have plans, but will not be bidding on the project. Documents for plans are free to download, so if you get a notification to pay, it is for bidding purposes only. You only need to pay IF you intend to bid (see below).

PERM PHL = available on the eGram website in the black Plan Holders category drop-down under the Ad for Bid. These holders MUST (and have) purchased the Bid Proposal Package ($10.00) from our office to be eligible to bid.

If you have any questions please contact Paula Peters at Public Works – or at 763-765-3300. Thank you!